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Notation (the figure vs its measure - proper notation)
Undefined Terms (point, line, plane)

Segments (definition, Ruler Postulate, Segment Addition Postulate, midpoint, bisector)

All About Angles (definition, angle names, types of angles)
Pairs of Angles (adjacent, linear pair, vertical, complementary, supplementary, theorems)
Working with Angles (Angle Addition Postulate, bisect angle, angles about a pt, angles on a line)

Types of Triangles (classified by angles, classified by sides)
Interior Angles of Triangles (triangle angles adding to 180)
Exterior Angles of a Triangle (definition, theorem)
Triangle Inequalities (sides in triangles, angles in triangles)

Congruent Figures (identical figures, marking diagrams, corresponding parts)

Parallel Lines and Perpendicular Lines (definitions parallel, transversal, perpendicular)

Similar Figures (definition, AA, triangle examples)
Scale Drawings (references Dinosaur Project)

Vocabulary Quick Reference (terms associated with segments, angles, and triangles)
Geometric Rules Quick Reference (rules for segments, angles, triangles, parallels, quads, circles)


Vocabulary - Word Guess Game (topical vocabulary game - iPad compatible)