MathBitsNotebook - JrMath is a series of lesson and practice pages for students studying Junior Level mathematics Grades 6 through 8. These materials cover a variety of topics including all standards stated in the Common Core State Standards, the NY Next Generation Standards for Mathematics.
Materials coordinate with SBAC, PARCC and state assessments.

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Reference Sheets - Grade 6
New York State
Reference Sheets - Grade 7
Reference Sheets - Grade 8
"Level" references are assigned as A = 6th, B = 7th, C = 8th
* indicates TI-84+ graphing calculator reference
Read about our "Topic Standards" information at JrMath Topic Standards.

Topics Standards:  gc NGMS-6  gt CCSS 6       rc NGMS-7  rt CCSS 7      bc NGMS-8 bt CCSS 8
Ratios and Proportional Relationships:
Ratios and Proportions (including rates)
6.RP.1, 2, 3a,b    • 7.RP.2a,b,c,d
6.RP.3d    • 7.RP.1
6.RP.3c    • 7.RP.3

The Number System:
6.NS.1; 6.NS,2,3    • 7.NS.3
6.NS.5,6a,b,c,7a,b,c,d,8;   7.NS.1a,b,c,2a,b
6.NS.4    • 7.EE.1
Real Numbers (order of ops, properties, rationals)
6.NS.4    • 7.NS.1d,2c,d,3     8.NS.1
6.G.5    8.NS.2; 8.EE.2

Expressions and Equations:
6.EE.1    8.EE.1,3,4
6.EE.2a,b,c,3,4,6    • 7.EE.1,2
6.EE.5,7,8    • 7.EE.3,4a,b    8.EE.7a,b,8b,c
6.EE.9    8.EE.5,6,8a

7.G.1,2,5    8.G.5
6.G.1,2,3,4,5    • 7.G.1,3,4,6    8.G.9
Polygons (more on area, surface area, volume)
6.G.1    • 7.G.6

Statistics & Probability:
6.SP.1,2,3,4,5a,b,c,d    • 7.SP.1,2,3,4

6.SP.6,7,8a,b     7.SP.5,6,7a,b,8a,b,c


End of the Course Review:(all are iPad compatible)
Links and Hardcopies
Links and Hardcopies
Interactive Review Activity
Interactive Review Activity
Interactive Review Activity
Interactive Review Activity
Interactive Review Activity
Interactive Review Activity

Graphing Calculator:
Sister web site on using the graphing calculator


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